Wednesday, September 15, 2010


16 x 20
Oil on canvas

This is part of the still life that I included in "Fin". Included in the still life are some of my math text books ( I collect them) and one of the Indian scarves (of which I also collect). Indian fabric inspires quite a bit of my work. They are always so bright and colorful - and the patterns are always unique!
"Fin" is primarily based on Matisse and his painting "View from Window." If you follow my blog or my work you already know that I am a tad bit obsessed with Matisse. I love to study his work, and what better way to study it than to try to reproduce it? Anyway "Fin" is a very complex painting for me. It started out as a study of Matisse and his "View from window." But I became so engrossed and intimate with this piece that I decided to combine my world with his. And so it quickly became my dream studio. So, I added a still life that I photographed in my studio and an easel with a blank canvas. The blank canvas really puts one there in the moment. I wanted to really be a part of his work in the present time, and what better way than to paint my own studio in his work along with an alluring, fresh new canvas. I gave this piece a title of Fin because it is the first time that I finally feel as though I got the hang of the Matisse style. For years I have tried to reproduce his work but I have never been satisfied. This is the first time that I felt truly connected with what Matisse might of have been trying to reproduce.

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