Friday, September 24, 2010

Gliese 581c

Gliese 581c
Copyright © 2010 Rivkah Singh
11 x 14
Oil on canvas

Gliese 581c is one of the planets orbiting the star Gliese. I was really excited when I came to learn about Gliese 581c. Scientist's believe that this planet is very earth-like and lies within the system's "habitable zone" . Just after I painted Gliese 581c, scientists published more exciting news! Gliese 581g has just been discovered! It is also an earth-like planet that lies in an even more habitable part of the Gliese system! While Gliese 581c is on the hotter side of the "habitable zone," and planet "d" is on the colder side, Gliese 581g is in perfect position for life! I really wish we had the technology to visit! But for now, I can just travel there with my paintbrushes! To learn more about these wonderful earth-like and potentially habitable planets, just click on this NASA link

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