Friday, July 8, 2011

Greetings from Gliese

Copyright © 2011 Rivkah Singh
Greetings from Gliese
12 x 12
Oil and gold leaf on canvas

I admit that I have not been painting as daily as I use to. Just before I painted this piece, I made the decision of returning to school to finish my maths degree. I knew beforehand that if I went back to school my painting time would be cut down drastically. A degree in mathematics is not easy, add to this endeavor a new baby, and daily painting is nearly impossible. Needless to say, before embarking on my academic journey, I had wanted to paint whatever I wished to regardless if it sold or how the "art" community felt about it. Not that I care what others think of my art to begin with... art is very personal to me; it is more like a deep love that I feel inside of myself, that I can only bring out with my art. Anyway, this piece is all about my fascination and my deep rooted wish of exploring the universe. Honestly, who wants to stay grounded to one planet? What if our very purpose is to "seed" the universe? And yes indeed, I do believe that other intelligent beings are out there. So here is my depiction of an alien family, from the Gliese star system. This painting is complete with a window into their world (a landscape of their red dwarf star). You can read more about the Gliese star and it's orbiting planets by clicking on this link I'm also happy to report that this painting did sell, and has found it's way into a very happy home, with someone that can relate to it as much as I do ( : To read more about it click on this link:

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