Saturday, July 14, 2012

Roses For You

Copyright © 2012 Rivkah Singh
Roses For You
5 x 7
Mixed Medium

"Roses" is a fun, colorful little work of art. It was first developed with a wash of bright pink, followed by a sketch in 18kt gold leaf. The final touches were made with vivacious brush strokes that further emphasize the free spirited nature of the piece. I was inspired by the roses I use to make when I was a child. Hence, this little piece is a product of "the free spirited child in me". And why not? Why can't we paint as if we were children every now and then? This is a painting dedicated to those moments in which we want to stop or turn back the clock. Those are the moments where we just wish to be free like children once again. This piece is an artist's way of truly stopping to smell the roses. 

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