Thursday, August 16, 2012

Careful Arrangement

                                                           Copyright © 2012 Rivkah Singh
Careful Arrangement
11 x 14
Oil on canvas
Just $76.68

   This piece was inspired by the modest and suggestive still life paintings by Giorgio Morandi.When I first saw Morandi's work, I felt quite unimpressed by his simple, muted, and carefully arranged still life's. As I analyzed them further, I was slowly drawn into his suggestive and powerful pieces. So simple, so contrary to the classical paintings that people "are supposed to appreciate," I was swiftly taken in by his bold rebelliousness! As I researched further, I came across an article of him in an American Artist Magazine. The Title caught my attention and my heart. It read, " Futurism, fascism, two World Wars, and armies of hostile critics failed to divert Giorgio Morandi from his self-appointed task." Wait a second! Harsh critics? Art as a self-appointed task? I can really relate to and appreciate this guy, so I arranged a still life of my own. I was driven and inspired to study for myself what drove this guy to paint what he did. It took me quite some time to set up this still life. It seems that the simpler something appears the harder it is to make it successful.

   I never had such difficulty setting up a still life to my satisfaction before! And I admit I have more experimenting to do! I chose some empty cosmetic jars that I had kept from the days that I use to make my own lotions and soaps. I also found an inexpensive rectangular shaped glass vase and those spectacularly wrapped Chinese soaps I am so fond of. Lighting was also important, because I wanted to cast the right shadow to show off the carefully arranged pieces.

   The painting itself was washed with a lime green under painting. Once dried, I quickly drew an abstract gesture sketch of the still life in 18kt gold and silver. The painting was then finished off with high quality oil paints. I do not feel the final photo does this piece justice. Again, my photographic skills are an issue. Something else I must work on.

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