Sunday, October 3, 2010

Going Up

Going Up
Copyright © 2010 Rivkah Singh
6 x 6
Oil on canvas

"I absolutely love using the leftover paint from my palette! This little piece was one of many small paintings that I make after composing my larger works. I use ONLY the colors that are left on my palette. It is so much fun working with restricted colors. It is fun because I have to be creative and ask myself "Hmmm, there is no more green for grass, what other color is available for me to use instead?" In this piece I used purple for the sky, dark purple for many shadows as well. These little pieces are not only fun, they are what I like to call "happy accidents." What results is a new feeling and a new place that I have not been to! This particular piece is about new routes into unforeseen adventures. Pictured, is a painterly piece of a new mountain trail amidst a seemingly secret path among lush colorful flowers. It is a painting of new discoveries. It gave me the feeling of discovering a new beautiful path.

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