Tuesday, November 16, 2010


5 x 7
Oil on canvas

The last time I paid a visit to the beach, the sun had almost set. The sky was a beautiful tinge of yellow and the tides were calming down after thier long day. The waves were small enough, tranquil enough for a dip. The shore was shallow and the water warm. In fact, it was so shallow, it seemed as though one could walk to the middle of the ocean. But with night coming soon, the ocean looks more mysterious - more dangerous. The sand has lost it's brightness and seems dull and wet. Even though the water is shallow, I could see that part of it has become very dark and mysterious. Is it seaweed? Is it a shadow cast by the clouds above? Or have the sharks come to feed in such a shallow wake? The beach at this time seems more curious than ever. It beckons, and entices you to join it and discover it's secrets for yourself.

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