Friday, August 19, 2011

Golden Tribute

Copyright © 2011 Rivkah Singh
Golden Tribute
16 x 20
Oil and 18kt gold leaf on canvas
Just $149.00

This is the second time that "The Path In The Bois De Boulogne (Sentier, Bois De Boulogne)" by Henri Matisse. Has inspired me. "Golden Tribute" is actually my second tribute to this fine and profound work of art. "The Path in the Bois De Boulogne continues to mystify me and inspire me every time I see it; so much so, that I wish to become one with it by running into the painted path, swirling about freely along with it's majestic brush strokes. If you have never seen this particular painting by Henri Matisse - I most certainly recommend that you do so. It is fauvism at it's best. Unlike my previous painting, which was simply inspired by the free fauvist style that Matisse perfected, Golden tribute is a tribute to this particular Matisse painting - although I have gone about it in an entirely new way. I first started with a wash of yellow ochres and burnt umber's. Once dried, I created a highly abstract gesture sketch in 18kt gold leaf. The painting was then completed with bright high quality oil paints alive with confident brush strokes and texture. Every artist seems to have their own style that they develop over time. I have grown very fond of gesture sketching my work in gold prior to traditionally applying the oil. I believe this to be my own style. Although, I will never stick to any particular one, it's still feels nice to believe this to be my very own technique.

Speaking of Golden Tributes, I have recently had the Golden opportunity of being interviewed by an art collector and talented blogger, in her blog "The Paper Girl". You can read my interview by clicking on this link.

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