Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fleeting Moment

Copyright © 2012 Rivkah Singh
Golden Tribute
11 x 14
Oil and 18kt gold leaf on canvas

"Fleeting moments" is a painterly piece devoted to those little moments in life. Those are the moments when one seldom gets to contemplate on the beauty of just being alive and enjoying the present moment. In today's hectic world, we run about here and there busy with our work, studies, families, traffic, and sometimes just preoccupied with our daily survival. How often do we find time to just enjoy a lovely little stroll on the beach at sunrise? How often do we have time to truly contemplate the beauty and meaning of life? I have noticed that these moments are becoming increasingly scarce and rare - as if time were speeding up. And when we do come across such a lovely moment, it is almost as if it is fleeting, running away as if we are not supposed to catch it. Has anyone else noticed this? Noticed how the button on life has been accidentally set to fast forward? Can someone please tell me? Is time speeding up? This lovely little piece is a painting devoted to those rare fleeting moments of life. I began this piece with a bright red under painting and an abstract gesture sketch in 18 kt gold leaf. The painting was completed with bold loose brushstrokes reminiscent of the fauvist style. Clearly, the intense red under painting and gold sketch are visible underneath, reminding the viewer of his fleeting place in the world. Soon the illusion of the beautiful beach will be gone. What remains is his mortality as strong and intense and human as blood and bones, yet as precious as gold.

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