Sunday, June 3, 2012

Waterfall Under the Midnight Sun

Waterfall Under The Midnight Sun
16 x 20
Oil and 18kt gold leaf on canvas
Collection: The Artist
                     This painting is my rendition of the waterfall painting in the Twilight Zone episode "Midnight Sun."  I am a huge fan of the Zone, and this episode is by far my favorite. This old television series created by Rod Serling is completely in black and white, so I had no idea what colors the Waterfall painting was comprised of. I wanted a little piece of the Zone to treasure and hang on my own wall, so I painted a wash of Green blue on canvas, waited for it to dry and made a highly abstract 18kt gold sketch of the lovely Zone painting (to the best my memory could recall). Then I completed the painting in the colors I believed would be there using the confident brush strokes as were apparent in "Norma's" work; albeit, with much more texture - especially on the waterfall. The texture really adds to the feeling that the water is actually cascading down into the cool blue lagoon below. After much research, I have no idea who actually painted the first rendition, and although I made mine vastly different than the original, It is my homage to the artist and to this wonderful episode. If you haven't seen the original twilight zone episodes, I most highly recommend it. It is a nostalgic television series set in the late 1950's and early 1960's. This episode in particular is about an artist (Norma) and her landlady (Mrs. Bronson) and their adventure through doomsday.The Twilight Zone gives us a glimpse into their reality as the Earth slowly begins to move away from its natural orbit - moving all of it's inhabitants closer and closer into the sun. What happens? Well, I really don't want to ruin the ending for you, so I won't tell you. You can find the episode on Netflix if you so choose.

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