Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Feedback

~A very special thank you to all of my collectors throughout the years! Your feedback is listed below. If you would like for me to include your name, send me a message and I will include it after your feedback.

Happy, happy to receive lovely painting! Highly recommend seller/artist! Thanks!

Original still life oil painting~Tea for 2~Rivkah Singh (#150734049160)

Love this painting. And Rivkah always provides impeccable customer service!

Original impressionist oil painting seascape by Rivkah Singh (#150740411763)
Thanks for a great piece of art!

Original oil painting~Rivkah Singh~Independent Skies (#150698142967)
exactly as described

Original oil painting~Instant Good Morning~Rivkah Singh (#150692490082)
It is Fantastic!! Just beautiful, the photo doesn't do it justice. Thank You!

Original impressionist oil painting by Rivkah Singh (#150692491539)
smooth transaction-quick on reply-beautifuly,accomplished artist

Original impressionist oil painting by Rivkah Singh (#150644194347)
Great colors, design, and painting arrived early

Original abstract oil painting~ Rivkah Singh (#150632013148)
smooth transcation

Original watercolor painting~Tree Study II~Rivkah Singh (#150501872564)
This painting was meant for me! Exceptional quality and pricing too.

Original oil painting~Alien portrait~Rivkah Singh~12x12 (#150559109548)
Perfect addition to my collection.

Original seascape oil painting~Rivkah Singh~Beckoning (#150523208487)
Makes you wonder what's around the corner. Thoughtful piece. Like it! Seller A++

Original oil painting~I See The Light~Rivkah Singh (#150483282167)
A pink-petaled tree to make you smile! Awesome artist-seller. Happy New Year!

Original oil painting~Rivkah Singh~Garden Paradise (#150522449513)
Lovely picture, fabulous artist - seller! Look forward to seeing more. Thanks!

Original oil painting~Florida Landscape~Rivkah Singh (#150529359627)
Package Received Thanks Seller !

Original fauvist oil painting~Tree study~ Rivkah Singh (#150501516732)
AMAZING art, My second purchase, FAST + SAFE shipping A++++

Original fauvist impressionist painting~Rivkah Singh/NR (#150520768281)
beautifull, magnificent colorful, elocuent.

Original fauvist impressionist painting~Rivkah Singh (#150498555953)
Thanks for the quick ship and great colors...

Original oil painting~Rivkah Singh~Abstract Valley~6x6 (#150523570412)
That is a unique painting with amazing colors.

Original Florida oil painting~Rivkah Singh~Soulmates (#150524143852)
Colorful, relaxing, therapeutic, AMAZING detail! Fantastic artist & seller! Thx!

Original still life oil painting~ Rivkah Singh~ NR (#150512601602)
Sweet little garden invites. Wonderful artist & seller! Great communication, etc

Original fauvist oil painting~Rivkah Singh~tulip garden (#150509854479)
Lovely, lovely inviting painting. Colors delicious. Fine artist & seller! Thanks

Original oil painting~Coffee For One~Rivkah Singh (#150509872965)
Great little painting...looks amazing in a seemless gold frame I had.

Original fauvist oil painting~Rivkah Singh~Sleepy Shore (#150506421953)
WOW! Amazing Artist! I will be looking out for more of her art!

Original landscape oil painting~Gliese581c~Rivkah Singh (#150514179601)
WOW! Amazing Artist! Amazing Person! GREAT communication A+++ :) Thank you!

Original landscape oil painting~Gliese581c~Rivkah Singh (#150501217035)
Beautiful painting makes u feel u can walk right into it! Lovely artist & seller

Original impressionist oil painting~Rivkah Singh NR (#150501880766)
beautiful, dainty little painting makes me wish I was there! Great seller! Thx!

Original impressionist oil painting~Rivkah Singh/ NR (#150501521256)
nice bright colors, seller is WONDERFUL to work with, GREAT communications

Original fauvist impressionist painting~Rivkah Singh/NR (#150489580591)
lovely picture as shown, super fast delivery, love this seller! Highly recommend

Original fauvist impressionist painting~Rivkah Singh (#150492107079)
pretty, happy colors, super fast delivery, great communication, Seller is A+++++

Original abstract impressionist painting~Rivkah Singh (#150490635626)
pretty, refreshing, love the colors; speedy delivery; GREAT SELLER!!!

Original impressionist oil painting~Rivkah Singh~ 5 x 7 (#150495400695)
nice painting; great communication, packing, & fast! Fantastic seller! A++++++++

Original Impressionist acrylic painting ~dining room (#150410591275)
Seller is quick to ship and product is perfect!!!

Original impressionist oil painting~Rivkah Singh~6 x 8 (#150465912915)
lovely watercolor as shown, artist-seller lovely to do business with, thank you!

Original watercolor painting~Rivkah Singh~Garden Oasis (#150480800058)
yummy colors & pic, love this artist, wonderful to buy from, A++++++++++++++++++

Original oil painting~On The Rocks~Rivkah Singh /NR (#150477722885)
beautiful, great communication, continuing to buy/appreciate this A+++++ seller!

Original painting/Santa Barbara Mission~Rivkah Singh (#150466843554)
Just beautiful pic, colors, communications. Highly recommend seller!! A+++++++++

Original impressionist oil painting~ Rivkah Singh (#150471662339)
Even more gorgeous and original than the photo. Rivkah's art rocks!

Original landscape oil painting~Deserted~ Rivkah Singh (#150476527437)
I am a big fan of Rivkah's work. This painting is exceptional.

Original oil painting~Rivkah Singh/My Fauve Flowers (#150470880297)
Beautiful painting, great seller. Thank you so much!

Original landscape oil painting zen buddhist monastery (#150425212772)
Lovely little painting. Thanks for shipping so quickly.

Original impressionist oil painting 5 x 7~Rivkah Singh (#150458838438)
thank-you,nice piece and very fast shipping

Original impressionist landscape oil painting ~ NR (#150460056662)
Rivkah excels at this kind of composition. Love the painting!

Original impressionist oil painting~Rivkah Singh/NR (#150441090022)
A true Rivkah original! Can't wait to hang it.

Original modern impressionist painting ~ Black Cat (#150444663227)
Wonderful painting!

Original impressionist oil painting/ Spanish Garden~NR (#150426094747)
Great artwork with vivid colors!

Original impressionist oil painting~Nature Path (#150444235539)
Love this painting! Great service too.

Original impressionist acrylic painting Laundry Room NR (#150411455192)
I love this painting!

Original landscape impressionist oil painting ~NR (#150432988713)
very glad I got this one, perfect for my collection

Original acrylic still life painting ~antique bottles (#150432683813)
still can't believe the low price, great painting

Original impressionist oil painting Rivkah Singh ~NR (#150408901611)
glorious painting!, very well packaged

Original still life oil painting~ Green Tea Pot~ (#150420447217)
Beautiful painting! Great communication, fast shipping, will buy from again! A++

Original impressionist painting/ Sant Cugat Monastery (#150426618273)
very nice,looking foward to f

Original impressionist oil painting ~Crau Fields/NR (#150410889963)
Very nice details and colors. Very glad I got this one as well.

Original complicated still life oil painting ~NR (#150407822026)
Very glad I got this one. The colors & shapes make you want to keep staring.

Original still life oil painting ~NR (#150405945210)
Very versitile painting...can go almost anywhere.

Original landscape impressionist acrylic painting ~NR (#150405940931)
Can't stop looking at it!

Original landscape impressionist oil painting ~NR (#150405816372)
Love the colors and will fit in with my plant collection.

Rivkah has the most intelligent, colorful art - I never regret a Rivkah purchase!

This painting is JUST WONDERFUL!!!

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