Friday, October 16, 2015


12 x 12 
Acrylic on canvas
Copyright © 2015 Rivkah Singh

Painting of my husband playing checkers at a favorite local coffee shop in Queen Anne Seattle.  This little fauvist rendition of my husband is in the impressionist style made famous by Henri Matisse. The coffee shop is called El Diablo - a quirky, unique local spot known for its Cuban coffee. I first visited the little place when my husband and I  started dating. Being the Cuban that I am, I was craving Cuban coffee really bad and my husband did his best to find a place that served Cuban coffee to satisfy my craving. It was not easy. In the short time that I have lived in Seattle, I have never met another Cuban person. The coffee really wasn't up to my standards. Not authentic at all for my taste-  but the place was quaint and artsy. Nearly every square inch of the  shop was covered in murals and they have board games (like checkers) layed out for their patrons. We had a really nice time playing checkers and sampling the coffee. Eventually we moved into the area just a few blocks away. 

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