Monday, October 12, 2015

Coco Beach

Coco Beach
16 x 20 
Oil on canvas
Copyright © 2015 Rivkah Singh

This piece is a little memory from when my husband and I stayed at Coco beach, Florida near Kennedy Space Center. Florida has such lovely beaches. The water is so calm and ankle deep. The light blue color and otherworldly calm of the ocean at around 7 AM makes me wish I was there again. I enjoyed working this piece and capturing the early morning light. I tried to capture the sense of calm around 7 in the morning when the light is bright yet still soft and cool and the water is shallow and still. Very few minute waves at this time - almost as if the ocean is slowly rolling out of bed. Seems like we were the first ones out near the shore in the morning - because the deep blue of what had been night lurks in the distance. 

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