Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Drive Home

Copyright © 2012 Rivkah Singh
The Drive Home
16 x 20
Oil on canvas
I sold this particular piece back in March and it is only now that I come around to finally writing about it. I suppose it is a little difficult to write about what exactly inspired me to paint this. Although the inspiration to paint this piece was initiated by a melancholy moment, the precise instant in question was transformed into a moment of clarity, vision, and hope. You see, this is a painting of a highway. A highway I regularly take to visit a loved one. It was getting dark on my way back home on this particular highway, but it was no ordinary trip. I had just gotten word that my loved one had developed cancer. I was grief stricken and in a state of shock that ominous evening; however, as I looked up, I was able to see through the thickness of my own haze to realize the beauty that was before me. It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. The beauty was magnified because amidst the swirling pink and purple skies and the raging magenta sun, the surroundings were pitch black and the colors of this awesome sunset were the only colors to bounce off of the path that was the highway. Palm trees seemed to sway and bend forward in a blurry homage to this magnificent sight. Something about this sight whispered into my very soul, the comforting words, "Everything will be alright, there is nothing to worry about." As time passed, the situation resolved gracefully into  the positive and the worry and fear of the situation resolved itself into celebration and elated thanksgiving. Perhaps the universe does speak to us at times, perhaps there is a guiding light to guide us, perhaps it is before us at all times - we just need to open our eyes and look ahead.

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